Seven Years War




Notes on Prussian Commanders 1740-63

The Prussian Field Artillery at the Battle of Leuthen
5th December 1757

Austrian Losses at the Battle of Kolin, 18th June 1757

The Campaign of 1761 and the taking of Schweidnitz by Laudon on 1st October
(with maps)

The Camp of Bunzelwitz 1761
Map and Details of the Camp

Prussian Bakers in Revolt
1757, 1758 and 1760

Organisation and Role of
pre-1756 Prussian Manouevres
(with 1 map)

Prussian Losses at Maxen, 21st November 1759
Generals, Units, etc.

An attempted breakout by Austrian prisoners of war at Küstrin
June 1762

Composition of the Prussian Columns which entered Saxony
in August 1756

Notes on the Formation of the Grün-Loudon-Grenadiere

A Comment on the Underlying Causes of the Seven Years War
by the Danish Foreign Minister Count Bernstorff


Disposition for the Battle of Zorndorf
25th June 1758
(Text in German)

Frederick the Great`s Instruction for Prince Henry
for the 1758 Campaign
(Text in French)

Marschdisposition for the King`s Army
August 1760
(Text in German)

Testament written by Frederick the Great shortly before
the Battle of Leuthen, 1757
(Text in German)

Letter from Frederick the Great to Count von Finckenstein
in Berlin, 10th January 1757
(Text in German)

Disposition for the Battle of Kolin
18th June 1757
(Text in German)

Diploma issued by Frederick the Great to the Bayreuth Dragoons
in celebration of their charge at the Battle of Hohenfriedberg (4th June 1745)
(Original German Text)

Dispositionen issued by Prince Henry for the Battle of Freiberg
29th October 1762
(Original German Text)

General-Pardon for Prussian Deserters issued by Frederick the Great
10th May 1757
(Original German Text)

The Capitulation of Maxen 21st November 1759
Letter from General-Lieutenant von Finck to King Frederick II.,
and King Frederick`s Reply
(Letters with German Text, with English Translations, and Notes on the Circumstances)

Cabinet Order from King Frederick II. of Prussia
concerning the proposed establishment of a Dragoon Regiment
by Colonel von Nassau
28th November 1740
(Orignal Text in French, with a German Translation and Notes)

(With Notes)

The Charge of the Bayreuth Dragoons at the
Battle of Hohenfriedberg 4th June 1745
(Drawing by Menzel)

Frederick the Great addressing his Generals
(Drawing by Menzel)

Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick
(Drawing by Menzel)

Prussian Cuirassiers charging boot to boot
(Drawing by Knötel)

Prussian Infantry attacking at the Battle of Freiberg
29th June 1762
(Drawing by Menzel)

Prussian Hussars Skirmishing
(Drawing by Knötel)

Field Artillery Advancing on the Battlefield

Austrians in Rout
(Drawing by Menzel)

Prussian Battalion Guns in Action

Troops using Scaling Ladders to enter a Fortress

Armed Thuringian Peasants looking for French marauders
after the Battle of Rossbach
(Drawing by Menzel)

Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz
(Drawing by Menzel)

Frederick the Great carrying a Flag at the Battle of Zorndorf
(From the painting by Carl Röchling)

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