The Seven Years War, fought between 1756 and 1763, saw fighting in many parts of the world. France and Great Britain were engaged on land and sea in North America, the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, British forces attacked Spanish possessions in the Caribbean and the Far East towards the end of the war. In Western Germany there were campaigns between the French on the one side and an Allied army with Hanoverian, other German and British forces on the other, with Prussian involvement from time to time, and in Central Europe there was the great clash between Prussia under Frederick II. (the Great) on one side and the Austrians under Maria Theresia and the Russians on the other. The Reichsarmee faced the Prussians in Thuringia and Saxony. This website concentrates mainly on the clash between Prussia and Austria, with articles, illustrations and documents. It includes information concerning the years 1740-55 also, as this was the period of buildup up to the Seven Years War! German-language sources have been used.

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Recent Additions

30th April 2007-An attempted breakout by Austrian prisoners of war at Küstrin
June 1762

22nd May 2007- A Comment on the Underlying Causes of the Seven Years War
by the Danish Foreign Minister Count Bernstorff

22nd May 2007- Notes on the Formation of the Grün-Loudon-Grenadiere

22nd May 2007- Composition of the Prussian Columns
which entered Saxony in August 1756


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