Prussian Losses at Maxen, 21st November 1759-
Generals, Units, etc.

The Prussian surrender at Maxen on 21st November 1759 was a heavy blow to the Prussian effort. It came after the situation had improved after the events of the summer, and fully brought home to Frederick the Great the extent of Prussian losses during the war to date. The Austrians were no longer prepared to exchange prisoners of war, and the losses were not going to be easily replaced. Although Frederick was able to fill the ranks in later years of the war, the quality of his troops declined more and more as the war progressed. The units lost at Maxen were reformed, but with the experienced men gone; some regiments could (initially at least) only set up one company of grenadiers to replace those lost at Maxen (each combined grenadier battalion generally consisted of the two grenadier companies from each of two infantry regiments).

Prussian Losses at Maxen

Officers, Men, Weapons etc.

9 Generals- General-Lieutenant von Finck; General-Major- von Rebentisch, von Wunsch, von Platen, von Gersdorff, von Basold, von Lindstädt, von Mosel, von Bredow

Obrist- 6

Obrist-Lieutenant- 3

Major or Rittmeister- 32

Capitaine- 92

Subalterns- 258

Ncos and men- 14,552

Weapons, etc.- 4 pairs of kettle drums, 71 guns, 44 ammunition carts, 96 flags, 24 standards

Regiments and Battalions

Cuirassier-Regimenter Bredow, Horn, Basold

Dragoner-Regimenter Württemberg, Jung-Platen


Grenadier-Bataillone Billerbeck (13/26-19/25) (this battalion consisted of two battalions combined into a single unit because of heavy losses), Benckendorff (41/44), Willemey (4/16), Kleist (37/40)

13 battalions from Regimenter zu Fuss Cassel, Finck, Grabow, Hüsen, Knobloch, Münchow, Rebentisch, Lehwaldt, Schenckendorff, Zastrow

Frei-Bataillon Salomon


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