Some Small Operations commanded by Seydlitz
during the 1740s

During the wars of the 1740s and 1750s there were many smaller operations conducted by armies on all sides using detachments of light, line and irregular troops of all sizes. The Austrians had large numbers of specialised light troops, the Grenz Infanterie, (`Border Infantry`), Panduren, and hussars, as aresult of the decasdes of warfare along their borderd with the Ottoman Turks, the Prussians on the other hand had virtually none in 1740 except for the Feld Jäger which were used for messenger duties, and during the 1740s they attempted to make up the deficit by setting up a number of hussar regiments. These were trained to attack enemyt heavy cavalry and also played a vital role in scouting, advance guard duties and small operations conducted away from the main army. The prospect of plunder attracted many of the better and more committed elements to these units, and they proved equally effective both in the line of battle and in smaller operations.

The following is an account of several smaller operations commanded by Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz in the 1740s. At the time he was serving in the White Hussars (von Natzmer), he had been transferred to the regiment in 1743 and given command of a squadron with the rank of Rittmeister (up until then he had been a Kornet in a cuirassier regiment). At the time he was already known to be an energetic and effective leader.

The information comes from the book by Johann von Logan-Logejus, Meine Erlebnisse als Reiteroffizier unter dem Grossen König 1741-1759.


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