Seven Years War



Praetiriti Fides, Exemplumque futuri

Extensive site with sections on the Medieval Period, the Ancien Regime, and Wargaming. The Ancien Regime section covers the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War. Many documents, journal extracts, ordonnances, orders of battle, French Regulations, letters, book extracts. Most of the texts are in French, some in English including a Journal of the 1757 Campaign in Western Germany. A great deal of primary material.

The Canadian Iroquois and the Seven Years War

The site of D. Peter McLeod, it includes a number of his articles on the wars involving the Iroquois in North America in the mid-eigteenth century- coalition warfare with the French, amphibious warfare, etc.

Bohemia 1757

A detailed account of the 1757 Campaign in Bohemia, refought as a wargames campaign. Includes full details of movements and several detailed battle accounts with maps. This is part of "Military Miniatures", an extensive site for modellers and collectors in 1/72 scale. Most sections of the site are available in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

War of the Austrian Succession

Article from "The Columbia Encyclopaedia, Sixth Edtion 2001". A summary of the origins and course of the war. Numerous links in the text to details of personalities, battles etc.

The Seven Years War

Article from "The Columbia Encyclopaedia, Sixth Edition 2001". A summary of the origins and course of the war, with numerous links in the text to details of battles, other events and personalities.

Seven Years War Dioramas in 1/72 Scale

A series of diorama using 1/72 scale plastic figures, by Ruediger Fischer.

Peterswaldau im siebenjährigen Kriege

The story of Peterswaldau, a village in the Eulengebirge east of Schwiednitz in Silesia, during the Seven Years War. The area saw much activity, the villagers were required to make large contibutions in money and kind to both sides and suffered a good deal (in 1762 many died of hunger or scurvy). Frederick the Great had his headquarters at the castle for some time during 1762. A great deal of detail! German-language site.

Das Gefecht von Reichenbach am 16. August 1762

An account of the battle fought at Reichenbach in Silesia in 1762, the last battle of the war. Much detail. German-language site.

Seven Years War

Extensive site with details of battles, campaigns, leaders, uniforms, flags, navies, etc. Currently more than 800 articles.

Description of British battles from Hastings (1066) to the Boer War. Several Seven Years War battles in North America and Germany are covered. Clear maps and colour illustrations.

History of the Russian Navy

History of the Russian Navy from Kievan Rus to 1917. Colour illustrations.

Nec pluribus impar

"Web magazine about the Wars, History and Armies of the 17th and 18th centuries". A bimonthly web magazine featuring documents, eye-witness accounts, uniform details (with many illustrations), etc. on 17th and 18th Century armies. Most of the material is in French. Also a Forum for those seeking information.

Eighteenth Century Resources

Directory covering various areas of Eighteenth Century history by subject areas - Art, History, Literature etc.

Adel im Militär

A part of the site of the Institut Deutsche Adelsforschung, this section contains many lists of officers in various German armies at different times, with the emphasis very much on the Prussian Army- examples: various Prussian Ranglisten (Army Lists), officers serving in a particular unit, Prussian officers killed, wounded or captured during 1757, a history of the Prussian Cuirassier Regiment Königin (earlier this was the Bayreuth Dragoon Regiment of Hohenfriedberg fame), Prussian Generals and Staff Officers in January 1740, a complete list of pour le mérite recipients for the period 1740-1807, etc. Further details of most of the officers listed are available to order. German-language site.

Documents from Western Europe

Eurodocs- documents on European History from the Dark Ages to the 20th Century. Has sections on the Medieval and Renaissance periods and Europe as a Supranational Area. The rest is laid out by countries, with links under each country heading. Documents are reproduced in the original language, in translation,etc. Legal, military, economic, diplomatic, etc.

Jensen`s Web Sources for Military History

Directory of military history sites, all periods and subjects.

Web Grognards

A huge site about conflict simulation games- mostly board wargaming, huge directory of games with errata, variants, reviews, sections also on miniatrues and computer gaming, magazines etc.


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