Austrian Losses at the Battle of Kolin
18th June 1757

This is a list of the losses suffered by the Austrians at the Battle of Kolin, 18th June 1757. The information is taken from "Die Schlacht bei Kolin am 18., und der Entsatz von Prag am 20.Juni 1757", in "Österreichische Militärische Zeitschrift 1824, Hefte 1-3" (Wien 1824).

All the officers killed or died of wounds are listed by name, wounded officers of Major and above are listed by name; overall figures are given for lower-ranking wounded officers, and for other ranks in all cases.

The names of the officers clearly show the multinational nature of the Habsburg officer corps. Princes, Counts, Barons, Marquis are present; the names show a wide range of nationalities- German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, etc. The Habsburg officer corps retained this variety of nationalities until the end of the monarchy in 1918.

Generalstab (Army Command and Administration)

Feldmarschall Leopold Graf (Count) Daun - wounded
General der Kavalerie Graf Serbelloni - wounded
Feldmarschalleutnant Baron Lützow - killed
Feldmarschalleutnant Wöllwarth - wounded
Generalmajor Wolf - died of wounds
Generalmajor Schreger - wounded
General-Adjutant Oberst Hannig - wounded
Adjutant Hauptmann Philippi - wounded
Adjutant Lieutenant Graf Ortolini - wounded
Adjutant Lieutenant Borscheid - wounded
Adjutant Lieutenant Weichart - wounded
Adjutant Lieutenant Heimerl - wounded
Adjutant Lieutenant Lefevre - died of woumds

Total losses for the Generalstab - 3 dead, 10 wounded


Officers killed/died of wounds (by regiment):

Erzherzog Karl - 2
Kapitänlieutenant Horcsoky
Kapitänlieutenant Graf Draszkovics

Neipperg - 2
Oberlieutenant de Riese
Unterlieutenant Hoffmann

Botta - 1
Hauptmann Twartowa

Salm - 4
Hauptmann Pierce de Dini
Oberlieutenant von Wiedersperg
Oberlieutenant van der Crugee
Unterlieutenant Apfel

Geisrugg - 3
Hauptmann Gomez
Hauptmann von Loss
Oberlieutenant Baron Gemmingen

Platz - 2
Oberlieutenant Kerum
Fähnrich Scheck

Puebla - 5
Hauptmann Dorio
Oberlietutenant Hirth
Oberlieutenant Junggunst
Unterlieutenant Kisling
Unterlieutenant Neumann

Thierheim - 1
Oberstlieutenant Marquis Fiorenza

d`Arberg - 5
Hauptmann Mussain
Oberlieutenant Becporten
Oberlieutenant Fauconvalle
Oberlieutenant d`Hauteville
Oberlieutenant Clouet

Haller - 1
Unterlieutenant Dioszegy

Deutschmeister - 5
Oberst Baron von Wald
Hauptmann Baron de Gusio
Hauptmann de Bonn
Oberlieutenant Schindel
Unterlieutenant Baron Wanndorf

Volunteer - 1
Oberlieutenant Graf Welsperg von Sprecher

(His regiment was in Prague, so he fought as a volunteer with another regiment at Kolin)

Total dead of the Infantry

Stabsoffiziere and Oberoffiziere 32
From Feldwebel down 627
Total 659

Infantry officers wounded (by regiment):

Erzherzog Karl - 1
Oberst Siskowics

Botta - 2
Oberst Fürst (Prince) Kinsky
Major Marquis Botta

Salm - 1
Major Fürst Salm

Starhemberg - 2
Oberst von Allemann
Major Baron Wunschwitz

Puebla - 1
Major Graf Wurmbrand

Deutschmeister - 1
Major Graf Soro

Szluiner Gränzern - 1 (Border Infantry)
Oberst Kleefeld

Total wounded of the Infantry:

Stabsoffiziere 11
Oberoffiziere 174
From Feldwebel down 3,897
Total 4,082

Captured and missing of the Infantry:

Hauptmann 1
From Feldwebel down 1,028
Total 1,029

Total Losses of the Infantry - 5,770


Officers killed/died of wounds (by regiment):

Savoyen dragoner - 4
Hauptmann Mladota
Lieutenant Königsacker
Fähnrich Baron Bechinie
Fähnrich Würth

Darmstadt Dragoner - 1
Major Graf Andler

Sachsen-Gotha Dragoner - 1
Lieutenant Titz

Württemberg Dragoner - 1
Major Graf Pappenheim

Portugal Kürassiere - 1
Oberstlieutenant Baron Skrbensky

Birkenfeld Kürassiere - 3
Major Vogt
Rittmeister Barth
Rittmeister Philip Graf Kollowrath

Kalkreuth Kürassiere - 2
Lieutenant Schnitter
Lieutenant Scherier

Total dead of the Cavalry:

Stabsoffiziere and Oberoffiziere 13
From Wachtmeister down:
Austrian Dragoner and Kürassiere 171
Austrian Husaren 36
Saxon Cavalry 98
Total 318

Also 901 horses, including 115 officers` and 43 Saxon horses.

Cavalry officers wounded (by regiment):

Savoyen Dragoner - 2
Oberst Graf Gourcy
Major von Ritterstein

Porporati Dragoner - 1
Major Kraus

Württemberger Dragoner - 1
Oberst Graf St. Ignon

Portugall Kürassiere - 1
Oberst Graf Melz

Birkenfeld Kürassiere - 2
Oberst Baron Rehbach
Oberstlieutenant Baron Gerstorf

Kalkreuth Kürassiere - 2
Oberst Graf St. Ignon
Oberstlieutenant Seydern

Schmerzing Kürassiere - 2
Oberst Belgioioso
Oberstlieutenant Gabelhofen

Kollowrath Dragoner - 1
Oberstlieutenant Baron Jaquemin

Saxon Cavalry - 3
Oberstlieutenant von Morner
Major von Grünberg
Major von Huldenberg

Karlstädter Husaren - 1
Oberstlieutenant von Knesevich

Total wounded of the Cavalry:

Stabsoffiziere 16

Austrian Dragoner and Kürassiere 67
Austrian Husaren 6
Saxon Cavalry 7

From Wachtmeister down:
Austrian Dragoons and Cuirassiers 926
Austrian Hussars 154
Saxon Cavalry 140
Total 1,316

Also 1,144 horses, of which 221 were Saxon.

Captured and missing of the Cavalry:

Savoyen Dragoner
Oberstlieutenanr Graf Pompeati
(wounded and captured)

Austrian Dragoner and Kürassiere 11
Austrian Husaren 1
Saxon Cavalry 4

From Wachtmeister down:
Austrian Dragoner and Kürassiere 384
Austrian Husaren 124
Saxon Cavalry 82
Total 607

Also some 700 horses

Total losses of the Cavalry -
2,241 men and 2,745 horses



From Altfeuerwerker down 24


Stückhauptmann Resch
Stückhauptmann von Bubna
Stückhauptmann Pöschl
From Altfeuerwerker down 59


From Altfeuerwerker down 4

Total losses of the Artillery - 90

Total losses of the Imperial Army:

8,114 men and 2,745 horse

Summary of the losses suffered by the Austrian Army at the Battle of Kolin
18th June 1757

K W C/M Total
Generale 1 5 - 6
Stabsoffiziere 6 28 1 35
Oberoffiziere 39 263 17 319
Mannschaften 956 5.176 1,622 7,754
Total 1,002 5,472 1,640 8,114
Horses 901 1,144 700 2,745

(K = Killed, W = Wounded, C/M = Captured or Missing; Mannschaften = NCOs and Men)

Of the infantry regiments, Haller, Deutschmeister, Starhemberg, Puebla and Salm suffered the heaviest losses (Haller and Deutschmeister each lost 30 officers; both regiments were severely mauled by Seydlitz` cavalry during the battle); among the cavalry, Savoyen, Portugall, De Ligne, Birkenfeld, Württemberg, Kalkreuth and the Saxons.

The Austrian artillery fired 5,800 rounds during the battle.

Prussian Losses

The Prussian loss in killed, wounded and captured came to 13,773, including 326 officers. 1,667 horses were killed. The Austrians buried some 6,500 dead Prussians, and 5,380 were captured, including the wounded who had been left behind. The captured officers included Generalieutenant von Tresckow, Generalmajor Pannewitz, Oberst Tettenborn and 117 Stabs- and Ober-Offiziere. Around 900 Prussian deserters turned up at the Austrian headquarters on the morning of the 19th.

The Austrians captured 22 flags and 45 cannon.


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